The noxious weed of logic

Quite recently, Europe stood transfixed with awe and admiration when one of pious Polish leaders proposed to introduce a complete ban of abortion on the whole continent. But in the ensuing enthusiasm, in the midst of delight and fanfare, one important detail was overlooked – that noble statesman fiercely defends life from conception to natural death and, at the same time, calls for restoration of the death penalty.

And many of my followers share a similar view. This means that the noxious weed of logic – which in fact has never aggressively spread among those who love me – seems to be withering into the ground.

The consequences of such a state of affairs are profound, significant, and far-reaching. A mind not poisoned by the venom of logical reasoning more easily embraces the concept of Trinitarian unity; painlessly accepts my idea of eternal hellish tortures for the disobedient (Mt 13:41,42; 25:46), despite my repeated confessions of love for all of you (Jn 15:9); smoothly comprehends that I can disown those who reject me (Lk 12:9), although my summons to love of enemies sounds unequivocal (Mt 5:44); justifies the lesson of violence I gave to the merchants in the temple (Mt 21:12), having forgotten, for a moment, my own principle of turning the other cheek (Lk 6:29).

Thus, you should continuously develop your blessed ability of holding internally contradictory views, because every faith can magnificently grow on them – including faith in me.

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 26.06.2007, 11:12 ::   leandro

 25.06.2007, 18:28 ::   

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 03.06.2007, 10:47 ::   kassandra

Can you think before you write something? Plis.

 25.05.2007, 13:28 ::   

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 23.05.2007, 03:30 ::   Testerklu

Hellooeu - this is just a testing, don't worry about it

 22.05.2007, 18:01 ::   Kazimiera Raimondas

Chto s holodami ne v lada. Kazimiera Raimondas.

 03.04.2007, 03:38 ::   breakerslion

Contradictions? You just don't understand. Repeat after me: Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic, and so am I.

- Dad

PS: The Spook agrees with me.

 23.03.2007, 05:41 ::   kasander

I think there is a deep logic behind this apparent contradiction; not quite Aristotelian, but "Church logic", a kind of the same, as behind the Inquisition's aim to "kill the body in order to save the soul": Any criminal deserving death is just beyond any hope of redemption and becoming the faithful customer of the Church.

But every new zygote is a potential customer. It can be easily indoctrinated during childhood by the compulsory religious education at school and offers a lifetime chance of support for the Catholic Church. Out of simple sheep it may even become a super-sheep - a priest, a nun or even a pope! As no life has any value, unless it can be used in the service of Catholic Church. Amen.

 20.03.2007, 01:32 ::   the domestic minx

Very wise...
The well-bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves.
Oscar Wilde.

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